5 Beautiful and Romantic Bridges in the World


When sharing a break with your partner, there are many factors that can add to the romance of the occasion and one of these is the surroundings. Landmarks, structures and the style of architecture in the place you are visiting all contribute to this and there are some beautiful bridges that you can visit during your travels.

1) Sydney Harbour Bridge

Few bridges are as iconic as Sydney Harbour Bridge and its unique design means it is instantly recognised across the globe. If you are visiting Australia, take a romantic walk across the bridge to view the city’s spectacular skyline which includes Sydney Opera House. This view is equally amazing both during the day and at night.

2) Tower Bridge, London, England

Crossing the River Thames, this bridge is given its name as it is located next to the Tower of London. The tower and the bridge are two of the most popular and most visited tourist attractions in the city. Tower bridge is used as a venue for many events and exhibitions throughout the year and also features a glass walkway 42 metres above the Thames.

3) Pont des Arts, Paris, France

Often known as the ‘City of Love’, Paris is the chosen destination for many couples who are looking for romance and the Pont des Arts is usually included in the holiday itinerary as a landmark to visit. This pedestrian bridge is best-known for the locks visitors have attached a symbol of their undying love. Unfortunately, the authorities have now removed the locks but visitors to Paris still consider this as one of the most romantic spots in the French capital.

4) Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy

Venice is another popular destination for couples in love. Rialto Bridge is a structure steeped in history and is one of the most interesting features of the city. Spanning the Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge was constructed in 1591. Following a boat ride down the canal, you should visit here during a romantic walk to view the famous canal from a different perspective.

5) Brooklyn Bridge, New York, United States of America

When people think of cityscapes, New York is often one of the first that springs to mind as this city is home to some of the most spectacular architecture in the world. Brooklyn Bridge is amongst the most intriguing structures in New York. This is a fantastic spot to watch the sunset and share a romantic moment together.

These are just some of the best bridges to visit during your travels. Each of these offers unique views and is perfect for a romantic walk together as a couple.